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How much does a root canal actually cost?

At Laser Root Canal Sydney our treatments start from $550 and range up to $1,450.

How do you determine the price for root canal treatment?

It can be difficult to quote over the phone because of the wide variety of factors affecting the total price that applies to each individual case. 

Analysis of your x-rays will help us determine the extent of your infection or trauma and determine the best cause of treatment. At this point we can provide a cost for your specific treatment and alternative options available to you, if relevant. It is only after x-rays and an examination can we determine if you need root canal treatment and the how much it will cost.

Do I have to pay it all at once?

No, you can pay it off. We have interest free payment plans available through our partners at MySmilePlan.com.au

My Smile Plan is subject to a non-income based credit approval and only takes about two minutes to apply. Their plans are completely interest free, available for up to $9,000 total credit and payable over 15 months. 

To enquire or apply, click the Finance button below.