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Facts & Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our more common questions. If your query isn't here please contact us via the Enquire button on this page.

+ How much does root canal treatment cost?

The price ranges from $550 up to $1,450. The total cost for the treatment depends on the complexity and duration of each individual surgery. For more information take a look at our detailed costings page

+ How long does the procedure take?

Each root canal procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes. You will need one to three treamtents. See more on the root canal procedure page

+ Can I delay treatment?

Delaying treatment will cause further complications and a worsening of your condition. As soon as you are advised you need a root canal treatment you should book in.

+ What happens if I ignore the recommendation for treatment?

There are mild to severe and life threatening implecations to ignoring the need for a root canal treatment. Pain will worsen, infection can spread to surrounding teeth and cause permenant damage to other teeth, gum tissue and nerves. Severe implications include infection in the brain, lungs, kidneys and liver. Whole-body inflammation (septicemia) can also occur, which puts you at risk of heart disease and stroke.

+ What alternative options are there?

The only alternative is an extraction.

+ What are the risks of root canal treatment?

The risks from root canal are little to no different from any other dental treatment. There is a small risk of further swelling and discomfort but our dentists have extensive experience in providing problem and pain free root canal treatment. There is also a risk that your root canals or teeth are so badly decayed or damaged that you will lose teeth. Please contact us if you have any other apprehensions you would like to discuss...

+ Will I experience pain or discomfort from the treatment?

Because we use laser assisted techniques for root canal treatment, you will almost certainly experience no pain. We use local anesthetics or sleep sedation during our root canal treatments. Any discomfort experienced during treatment is usually a sign of severe infection and will result in treatment being delayed while a course of antibiotics is completed. For information about our pain free techniques click through to our root canal procedure page

+ Will I need follow-up procedures after the root canal treatment?

Once your root canal treatment is complete you will need a dental crown fitted. Click through for details →

+ Are you Endodontists or Dentist?

We are general dentists with special interest and experience in root canal treatment. Our dentists have performed thousands of successful root canal procedures and are well trusted within the dental industry. We treat multiple new root canal cases each week and often treat patients who have already gone through unsuccessful root canal treatments to save their teeth and prevent further discomfort. Should you require treatment from an endodontist we will refer you immediately. Meet our dentists

+ My pain has gone/almost gone. Do I still need root canal treatment?

You still need root canal treatment. Pain can sometimes disappear but this is a bad sign of something worse, after which pain will return. The pain may subside but the infection will only spread and cause further infection and nasty things like abscesses, gum and jaw infection and even whole-body inflammation, putting you at risk of heart disease and stroke.