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Pain free advanced technology

For us, laser root canal treatment is a straightforward and regular procedure. We have unique experience as dentists who have performed thousands of successful root canal treatments. 

Pain Free Techniques

From when your surgery begins up until you arrive home, you will have a pain free experience. All patients receive numbing, anaesthetic and laser assisted treatment, ensuring you experience no discomfort.

Advanced Laser Technology

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We use the most advanced laser technology during our root canal procedures. The use of laser is new to root canal treatment and allows for cleaner and more precise surgeries.

Premium Service & Quality

Our practice has extras that make our service the best. We have extra comfortable surgery seats for you to lay in while you relax with your personal choice of entertainment from our ceiling TV’s. The whole environment of our practice is calming and inviting.

Qualified Dentists

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Our dentist have special interest in root canal therapy and have performed thousands of successful root canal treatments. We specialise in treating nerve damage and saving you from losing perfectly healthy teeth that can last a lifetime.